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Company Mission

Randy Shepard & Associates, Inc. is the leader in automotive warranty claims processing & administration services. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and maximize the value of your trust in our company.

Who Are We?

Randy Shepard & Associates, Inc. since 1979 has been providing warranty claim administration to dealerships across the United States. We are the largest after market warranty company in the US, with an impeccable reputation, and well known with all manufacturers. Our focus has always been to provide the best “Peace of Mind”, regarding our customer service and support. Our managers average over 20 years of experience in warranty claims administration. Randy Shepard & Associates, Inc. has successfully represented hundreds of dealerships across the United States in legal warranty collection and audit avoidance.

We Mean Business...

Each week we receive thousands of claims, processing them by applying our complete knowledge of each manufacturer, all while keeping our services cost effective & efficient for you.

About Randy Shepard...

Randy Shepard has been associated with automobile dealers since 1960. He has worked in every facet, from the ground floor up to Parts and Service Director of a multiple store franchise. Claims initially were only processed for Ford Motor Company. In 1987, Randy began processing claims for Chrysler. In 1992, he added General Motors. Due to influx and growth of multiple franchise dealers, we have dealerships, which we are currently processing warranties for all over the United States.

We are currently processing for the following manufacturers:

... and the list just keeps on growing!

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