Randy Shepard and Associates, Inc. exists to help dealerships improve their financial performance. We can help you improve your business. Statistically, warranty claims processing, outsourcing, improves your cash flow and collections, and reduces the costs and headaches of employee problems. Let us help you keep your warranty cash flowing!

What You Can Expect:
  • Cash flow increase

  • Translates into extra expenses

  • Reduce staff size and employees expenses

  • Eliminate sick pay, vacation pay, insurance benefits, workers compensation, etc.

  • Eliminate training costs

  • Focus on service management instead of warranty submission

  • No cash-flow interruptions due to staff turnover

  • Reduce costs

  • Receive detailed reports

Get Paid Faster

The struggle between manufacturers and dealerships over warranty compensation continues to escalate as manufacturers apply more resources toward building better vehicles thus reducing their warranty reimbursements. It is how they manage their cash flow. Miscoding and errors cause rejected claims and delayed payments. Our expert warranty claims processing process ensures accuracy and thus warranty payment. RS&A, from data entry to claims submission ensures your payments come in faster. We do the job right from start to finish.

Eliminate Expenses and Hassles
  • Warranty Administrator salary
  • Warranty Administrator benefits including
    • Worker’s compensation
    • FICA
    • Healthcare insurance
    • Vacation and sick leave
    • Bonus, raises and gifts
  • Computer hardware purchase & maintenance
  • Software purchase & renewal
  • Office Supplies
  • Office Space
  • Training costs

Solve Human Resource Problems

Warranty claims processing outsourcing resolves multiple staffing problems. A major problem with in-house warranty claims processing services is management, turnover, retention and dealership growth.

Reducing Employee Turnover with Warranty claims processing Outsourcing

On-going employee turnover is a common problem for many dealerships. When a warranty administrator leaves, your cash flow is compromised. In-experienced warranty administrators make errors. Even experienced warranty administrators new to a dealership make errors - errors that at the minimum delay payment. Training warranty administrators to learn your dealerships particulars is an inefficient use of your time, and is resource draining for other staff members. An experienced and reliable warranty claims processing service avoids these problems all together and is a much better solution.

Warranty claims processing Outsourcing Provides a Cheaper Fixed Cost in the End

Warranty claims processing outsourcing is a variable cost percent that varies directly with your warranty claims processing. With outsourcing, this cost goes up and down with your collections.
As your dealership and revenues grow, so does the warranty claims processing and coding workload. However, your employee costs are fixed, while submissions and receivables are not a fixed benefit. Therefore, when you need to add another warranty processor you drastically increase your fixed costs, and now you are usually overstaffed, as the workload volume catches up to your expanded billing capacity.

Lower Employee Costs

Besides salary, there are payroll taxes, FICA and insurance, and the cost of administering and accounting for these. Plus, when your warranty claims processing specialist is sick or on vacation, you still have to pay them. Instead take advantage of our experienced warranty claims processing services leaving you to focus on what is important - your customers!