Managed Account Program

When you're traveling unfamiliar roads do you ask for directions and use a map? The world of Warranty Processing can be just as complicated and frustrating. That's why Randy Shepard and Associates Inc., has formed the MAP or Managed Account Program, to help dealership's like you traverse the complex roads of warranty administration.

MAP is an additional dealership service offered to Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealers actively enrolled in Randy Shepard and Associates Inc., claims processing service. Some of the many benefits of the program include regularly scheduled on-site dealership visits by your assigned MAP manager. These visits are provided to review dealership warranty performance and 126 Warranty Report analysis to identify critical issues driving over standard performance. Your representative will help your dealership to develop an action plan for continuous improvement, or assist (should your dealership be in the Warranty Counseling Process) with the action plan provided by the manufacturer. They can also assist with self reviews, review audit and any dis-allowances and provide insight writing appeals for dis-allowances. RAM's are field experienced professionals with over 25 years of experience.

Your dealership's Regional Account Manager (RAM) will also be available to provide on-the-job warranty training for dealership personnel and offer guidance in the development of warranty process controls. If needed your MAP representative will also be able to aid with pay plan review and to review overall dealership service operations.

The MAP program doesn't stop there! Your dealership will also be provided with a direct phone line with unlimited access to your assigned RAM in order to review and/or consult on claims processing issues. Your dealership will receive a monthly DPR (Dealer Progress Report) to identify concerns in regards to your dealership's specific strengths and weaknesses. This report will be reviewed by your RAM with dealership management in order to ensure any corrective measures that need to be taken are put in place and that they continue to be followed.

While the MAP program is currently only offered to Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealerships, Randy Shepard and Associates Inc., is continually striving to expand it's expertise in order to offer MAP to all manufacturers. RS&A Inc.'s number one mission is and always will be to provide Great Customer Service and the MAP program is another fine example of our dynamic commitment!