Randy Shepard & Associates, Inc. offers the following fast, efficient and convenient services:

Warranty Claims Processing
Our warranty claims processing services are efficient & secure, and we provide many ways for you to get your claims to us. Our procedures offer many benefits such as fixed cost rates and dealer progress reports. Also, we don't get paid until you do!
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Dealer Self Review
Randy Shepard & Associates, Inc.™ can assist you in identifying your areas of concern and help you to prepare the required "Action Plan". Learn More

Factory Style Mini Audit
This program is designed to identify your problem areas and assist in correcting problems before they get out of hand. Learn More

Managed Account Program
When you're traveling unfamiliar roads do you ask for directions and use a map? The world of Warranty Processing can be just as complicated and frustrating. That's why Randy Shepard and Associates Inc., has formed the MAP or Managed Account Program, to help dealership's like you traverse the complex roads of warranty administration.. Learn More