Warranty Claims Processing


RS&A, Inc. Warranty Claims Processing Procedures


Send Claims To RS&A, Inc. (utilizing electronic media)

RS&A, Inc. has several ways to get claims to us for processing without the original hard and/or soft copies ever leaving your dealership: Utilizing electronic media eliminates shipping time and cost, assures faster turnaround of claims and payment. Claims must be sent daily.

Faxing Program: Claims are faxed on a daily basis which eliminates shipping time and cost and assures faster turnaround of claims and payment.

Scanner Program: Similar to the faxing program but a little more convenient, claims are scanned daily and received by RS&A in an email format. (Free use of a Scan Machine as long as active on the program)

We need the front & back of claim showing:

  • Tech Documentation
  • Clock Punches
  • Customer Signatures
  • Pre-invoice / Accounting Copy (Parts #'s, Cost & Quantity)
  • Anything Supportive To Claim (Sublets, Rentals, battery readings etc...)
  • Oasis, VIP, VISS


Once claims are received they are immediately logged into our paperless computerized tracking system by RO # and then go directly into process

Quick turnaround of your warranty claims, reducing your receivables and increasing your working capital. Turnaround time is 24 to 48 hours

Coding Department

  • Identify & apply proper labor ops
  • Identify & apply proper failure and concern codes
  • Verify tech documentation (3 c’s)
  • Verify parts info / Verify signatures
  • Verify management approvals for necessary straight-time, add-ons, goodwill etc...
  • We do a review of every claim for manufacturer compliance – Coders are up to date on all policies and procedures
  • If a claim requires additional information, we will contact your dealership and wait for the correction before submitting

Data Entry Department

  • Will connect into your existing (R&R, CDK, UCS, etc...) system
  • Verify proper payment for technician
  • Keypunch the claim information to your specific manufacturer
  • Completely close the claim
  • Download the claim to the Manufacturer
  • Automatically re-submit all rejected claims (our rejection percentage is minimal)
  • Full review of the daily registers to verify full payment has been received

Benefits of Our Services

  • RS&A, Inc. has over 36 years’ experience processing warranty claims. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and maximize the value of your trust in our company.
  • Fixed cost for processing your claims – Once signed, Your rate will never increase
  • The cost for RS&A, Inc. is well under the industry average. In most cases more cost effective than keeping it in-house, and you’re not just hiring a processing person your hiring an entire staff to support you and your company.
  • Dealership only invoiced on claims that get paid by manufacturer. - We do not get paid until you do!
  • RS&A, Inc. Employs a full time IT Department to help with any computer related and connectivity issues
  • No Contracts, can terminate agreement with 30 day written notice
  • Bi - Weekly “Return To Dealer” report sent so no previous requests for claims corrections get lost / forgot about

(see our benefits page for more reasons why outsourcing is beneficial)